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Frequently Asked Questions

What time does my child need to be at school in the morning? On Mondays and Tuesdays (when all teachers have PGT - Professional Growth Time), students need to be in their first period class by 8:18.  On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday students need to be in their first period class by 7:50.  Students who take the bus to school will arrive at the same time every day.  Bus routes are available here.  Before school, students may have breakfast in the cafeteria or do school work in the Learning Commons.    

What time is dismissal?  Class ends each day at 2:20pm.  On early-release Wednesdays, students are dismissed at 12:00pm.  After dismissal, students may walk home, get picked up, or take their school bus if eligible.

If students are walking home from school is there any notification system?  The school must be able to make contact with an authorized guardian if a student is to be dismissed during the school day.  If the student is walking home from school at the regular dismissal time, no guardian contact is required.  

Are late busses available?  The late bus leave RHS on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 4:00pm; however, only students eligible to ride the school bus may take the late bus.

How can I check my child’s attendance record? Attendance is taken by teachers every period.  Parents/guardians can check their student’s class attendance through PowerSchool Parent Portal.  This link provides instructions on how to use the Parent Portal.  Please contact your Family Liaison if you don’t know your access code - Sandra Figueroa [email protected] (Grades 9/11) or Marta Romero [email protected] (Grades 10/12)

What is the attendance policy for the high school? What happens if my child misses too many classes? Students absent from school MORE THAN FIVE (5) DAYS in a marking period (e.g., quarter/semester) will need to demonstrate their level of mastery or competency, in order to earn credit for that subject. Similarly, students not in attendance more than eighteen (18) days in a year-long course will also need to demonstrate competency to avoid academic implications (retention). Extenuating circumstances may be considered when presented to the administration on the return day. Whenever a student is absent, parents/caregivers must call the main office of their child’s school to report the absence. Students absent more than 9 days in a semester will not be allowed to take credit recovery if they were to fail the course; they would need to retake the course during the school day.

Where can I drop off/pick up my child?  Before school, students may enter the school  through the Main Lobby Entrance or the East Wing Entrance.  After first period begins and until dismissal, the main lobby entrance is the only entrance that is accessible to students. Students are dismissed through the Main Lobby Door and the East Wing Door.  

What if my child is going to be absent or tardy? Caregivers should contact their student's Grade Level Operations Assistant to report an absence as a verified absence. Holly Leyden is the Operations Assistant for Grades 10 & 12; Jessica Gonzalez is the Operations Assistant for Grades 9 & 11.

What if I have to pick up my child from school before dismissal?  To dismiss your student, you should contact your student's Grade Level Operations Assistant.

Will I meet my child’s teachers?  When are parent/guardian-teacher nights? There are three scheduled nights for parents/guardians to come to school and meet their students teachers.  All events will be in the evening, but specific times will be communicated as we get closer to these dates.  On Tuesday September 12th, we will host “RHS Meet the Teacher Night” where caregivers can move through their students’ schedule and meet their teachers. On Thursday November 16th, teachers are available to meet and discuss Quarter 1 classes and grades.  On Tuesday March 5th, teachers are available to meet and discuss Semester 2 classes and grades.  All dates are listed on the RPS District Calendar.  
What classes will my student take? At any given time, students take only four classes in our block schedule. Some courses last for one quarter, others last for the full year, but most are semester long courses. The Course Offerings Website, used in registration period, is an excellent resource to learn about courses at RHS.
Where can I find the contact information for my child’s teachers? What is the best way to contact them? Caregivers can find information about their student’s teachers in the PowerSchool Parent Portal.  E-mail is the best way to initiate communication with teachers, but caregivers can also request a phone conversation.  
How will I be kept informed of my child’s academic progress?  The best way to track your student’s performance is by using Power School.  This link provides instructions on how to use the Parent Portal.  You can track grades and attendance.  You are encouraged to e-mail classroom teachers if you have questions about a specific course.  If you are concerned about overall academic progress, you should reach out to your students’ School Counselor. 
How do students get extra help? With our block schedule, student have 80 minutes periods that provide plenty of opportunities to get support from their teacher during the school day.  Additionally, each teacher reserves one afternoon each week where they are available for extra help.  Students should check with each teacher to know what day(s) they are available after school.  Students should be encouraged to make good use of class time.  We also have academic support provided in our Writing Center and STEM Center.
Whom should I contact if my child is struggling academically or socially and hasn’t been able to solve the problem him/herself? When students are struggling in an individual class, they should work with the teacher of that class to find out what they can do to improve their grade.  One of the major roles of the school counselor is to help students and families navigate academic, social, and emotional difficulties. The counselor will work with you and your child to explore the variety of student supports available at RHS.  Depending on the need, the counselor might refer the student to the school social worker for additional support.  
Will my child have access to the school library during school? After hours?   The school library (called the Learning Commons) is available before school, during the school day, during lunch, and after school until about 4:00 pm.  During class time, students need their teacher’s permission to visit the Learning Common, but they may go there on their own at other times.  
What are the academic policies for dropping and adding courses? Students concerned about their placement should first speak with their classroom teacher and their school counselor.  There are numerous factors that determine whether such moves are possible and advisable. Your child’s school counselor can discuss the logistics and considerations of moving from one level to another.  In some instances, communication with the Assistant Principal and Curriculum Director may be required.  Generally speaking, schedules changes after the first five days of the semester (Add-Drop Period) are not allowed.  
When and how do underclass students sign up for courses for the following year? During the spring (March/April), the School Counselors and Classroom Teachers work to make recommendations for the following year’s courses.  Teachers will communicate directly with students to discuss student goals and their recommendations.  Questions regarding course placement should first be directed to your student’s teacher and then to their School Counselor. 
Do all students take MCAS exams? Unlike in middle school, where students take several MCAS exams each year, MCAS in high school is by subject area.  9th Grade Students will only take the Biology MCAS in June.  10th Grade Students take ELA MCAS (in March) and Math MCAS (in May).  Students who have taken MCAS but have not earned a passing score will prepare for retake exams administered in November, February and June. 
How is academic excellence recognized at the high school? Besides qualifying for honor roll, students who have excelled academically throughout 9 th and 10th grade may be invited to join the National Honor Society in their junior year if they have met the organization’s requirements for leadership, character, and service. Students at RHS can also earn Departmental Honors at graduation by maintaining a high level of achievement in a given department over all four years of high school. Other individual forms of recognition—Junior Book Awards, departmental awards, various scholarships, etc.—are awarded toward the end of junior or senior year.  Academic achievement in the foreign languages is also recognized by induction into the different National Honor Societies for each language.  Additionally many of our students apply to receive the Seal of Biliteracy in their Senior year. 
Do I need to purchase school supplies before the year begins? Students should come to school with a notebook and something to write with on the first day.  Each teacher will review the specific supplies they require for classes.  Most students find that it makes more sense to get supplies after they meet their teachers.  
Does my child need his/her own computer for schoolwork?  All RHS students are required to have a charged chromebook with them everyday.  Teachers design lessons that require this computer access in school.  Students who would prefer to borrow a school-issued chromebook for the year may do so through our technology department.  
What is the function of school counselors?  RHS school counselors support students in personal and social issues, academic affairs, and post-secondary planning. The School Counseling Department works to promote the academic, personal/social and career development of its diverse student body by building individual relationships as well as by delivering a comprehensive developmental curriculum to all students.
When will my student meet their school counselor? At some point in the first semester of the school year, your child will be called to the School Counseling Office during the school day to meet his or her school counselor. Even before that meeting, students and parents/guardians are welcome to contact the school counselor and/or use the department’s resources. Your child will work with the same school counselor through all four years of high school, so getting to know each other early helps to establish a productive relationship.
What is the role of the school social worker? In addition to the support provided by school counselors, the school has four social workers available to students, families, and staff. Besides seeking assistance for themselves, students may be referred by anyone—parents, teachers, school counselors, administrators, coaches, and friends. Issues addressed might include: ongoing depression, anxiety, or other mental health concerns; a difficult home situation; conflict with friends or parents; school motivation; crisis intervention; grief counseling; adolescent development concerns; etc. If the school social worker feels that additional help is advisable, an outside referral for therapy may be made.
What is the MGH School Based Health Center at Revere High School?   In partnership with Revere Public Schools, Massachusetts General Hospital operates a school based health center at Revere High School through which students may avail themselves to a variety of physical and mental health services.  The Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) School Based Health Center, (SBHC) is a clinic where any RHS student can receive physical and mental health care.  The MGH SBHC is not meant to take the place of a primary care provider, but works in cooperation with the student’s primary care physician.  For students to use the SBHC during the school day parents must sign a consent form if the student is under 18 years old.  Services are provided only with the parental consent except for emergency first aid.  The MGH SBHC complies with all Federal and State privacy regulations (HIPAA).
What is Dual Enrollment? Revere High School is committed to offering increasing numbers of dual enrollment opportunities where students earn high school and college credit as part of the CDEP program. The Commonwealth Dual Enrollment Partnership (CDEP) provides opportunities for Massachusetts high school students to take college-level courses at a discounted price*and earn credit toward high school completion and their future college degrees. CDEP eases the transition from high school to college, allows students to get a head start on their college careers, and provides meaningful and challenging academic experiences to qualified students who otherwise may not have access to an early college experience. The ultimate goal of CDEP is to increase the population of high school graduates who are college ready.  Students may enroll in one or more courses per the discretion of the participating institution of higher education. Because colleges and universities are required to expand dual enrollment opportunities to as many students as possible, you may be limited to the number of courses you may take. Students must receive college and high school credit, documented on their college and high school transcripts, for the courses that they successfully complete. Students may be asked to collect signatures of college and high school administrators for this purpose. Revere High School may count the CDEP course either as an elective or a required course. Approval of DE courses replacing required RHS courses must be approved by the content director.  CDEP courses are configured into the high school GPA and weighted the same as AP courses. Additional private institutes may offer dual enrollment opportunities at reduced fees to RHS students. Students will be eligible based on the requirements of the college. Transportation to and from all dual enrollment partners is the sole responsibility of the student for those courses being taken at the college(s).  ​
What is Early College?  Revere High School is partnering with North Shore Community College to offer a minimum of 12 college credits to students.  The course list is below.  Students will earn corresponding high school credits to cover their RHS graduation requirements.  Students apply into the Early College program at the start of their sophomore year with courses beginning second semester (January).  An important part of this application is a commitment statement, which will include the student’s own understanding of the program and their overall commitment to it.  Early college students will attend class at NSCC in person and will receive transportation to the college.  On days of the week that the course doesn’t meet, students will be assigned to a room and teacher at RHS who will be an additional resource to them as they complete their college level work.  Info sessions and recruitment efforts will be facilitated through the ELO counselor for this program.  Ideally, students will take the courses listed below and enter into a STEM pathway starting during their senior year and select STEM related coursework for those last two semesters.  In addition, the ELO counselor will work with each student to match them with an internship related to their career interests.  In the event that a student wants to drop Early College coursework and return to a traditional high school schedule, they will be able to do so in the least intrusive way within their schedule.  
What are internships? The Revere High School Internship program provides opportunities for eligible students to learn and develop on-the-job skills related to their intended careers. Students enter a partnership with a business and/or organization for an on-site, educational experience related to their career interest. Students will be scheduled for the equivalent of one 80 minute block per day, five days a week for a quarter (.5) and/or semester (1) and earn RHS College Prep credit. RHS quarter and semester attendance policy applies. Interns are expected to communicate with ELO coordinator and site coordinator should they be absent from school/internship. Non-traditional internships but may not have space in their schedule during the traditional school day should work with the External Learning Opportunities (ELO) Coordinator in order to arrange the non-traditional internship. Non-traditional internships may run before/after school hours or on weekends and will be equivalent to the quarter/semester hours. Non-traditional interns will be required to complete the same expectations (see below) as traditional school day interns.  Student’s program eligibility is dependent upon academic history, required, and/or conflicting coursework, disciplinary history, Assistant Principal recommendation, attendance record, internship site availability, statement of interest, completed resume worksheet, and needs of the internship host site. Students are responsible for transportation to and from the internship site. Course expectations include: prompt daily attendance, communication with ELO coordinator and internship site coordinator, meet bi-weekly with ELO coordinator to discuss internship expectations, and final project.
What is Naviance? Naviance is a web-based tool that helps students and families connect
what students do in the classroom to their life goals, including finding colleges and careers
based on their personal skills and areas of interest. By the end of Grade 10, each student
receives his or her individual Naviance account, and is taught how to access and use it
during classroom lessons with the school counselors. Students and parents/guardians are
strongly encouraged to take advantage of this personalized resource.

What types of services are available through RHS for my student?  Revere High School employs three dedicated, full-time school nurses and two full-time Health Aides that provide care for accidents, illnesses, and other medical situations.  Students are assigned to a school nurse based on their last name.  Students’ whose last name begins with the letters N-Z should see the nurse in the East Wing.  All other students should see the nurse near the main lobby.

What if my child becomes sick during the school day?  Students feeling ill should ask to visit the Medical Center. If, after meeting with the nurse, it becomes apparent that the student cannot remain in school for the rest of the day, medical staff will contact the parent or guardian.

What if my child needs to take medication while at school? Students are not to carry medicine with them during school hours. If your child needs to take medicine during the school day (prescription or over-the-counter, on either a long-term or temporary basis), you should check with the medical staff so that proper procedure is followed. Whenever possible, parents should arrange for medications to be given outside school hours.  However, in our efforts to assure good attendance, students who require medications during the school day must see the school nurse, who will arrange safe storage and administration of all medications, including over-the-counter drugs.  A description of the medication administration policy is available in the student handbook. 

Does my student need to have a physical on file with the school nurse?  Our Revere Public Schools (RHS) parents/caregivers have final responsibility for their children’s health, however our schools and registered nurses are responsible for the safety and well-being of students while they are in school. Under state law, students new to the school system must present results of a complete physical examination within one year prior to entrance to school, and up to 30 days upon entering school. If your child is new to the school, it is mandated to bring a copy of the immunizations and physical exam to the Parent Information Center nurse during registration. If your student is already enrolled, the documentation may be brought to the school nurse on the first day of school. This information is essential in providing the best healthcare to students during the school day. Every RPS student needs to present to the school nurse documentation of a physical examination prior to first school entry and at intervals of every three to four years thereafter.

What extracurricular opportunities are available to RHS students? This Student Activities Guidebook will help students and caregivers keep up to day on all the student organizations that run at RHS each year. This Guidebook is updated yearly.

Will my student get a chance to explore different Student Activities? In mid-September, RHS will host a Student Activities Fair during Patriot Block, which will enable all student to explore the different organizations, meet with student leaders and ask questions of faculty advisors.

I understand that there are class officers and class activities. What does this mean for my student? Every grade level has its own Student Council and officers, beginning in 9th grade. Led by four class officers, elected early in the first term, and a faculty advisor, the Student Council serves as a core group to communicate the varied interests of class members to the entire grade. Activities are focused on building class solidarity and spirit, and raising funds for senior year activities. All students are encouraged to participate in the Student Council Meetings, and students interested in running for class office should make an effort to become active members. It is important to note that the Student Council provides members—not just elected class officers—with many opportunities to develop leadership skills.  Information about meetings and elections will be published early in the school year. 

Can my child play a sport, a club and other activities?  Students may participate in a variety of athletic and extracurricular activities, but must be mindful of over-extending themselves. Membership in some groups (notably athletic teams, dramatic productions, and class activities) requires a significant time commitment, and may make involvement in certain others either difficult or impossible. Students should speak with coaches and activity advisors in advance to avoid conflicts.  School work should take a priority!

Do all extracurricular activities meet immediately after school? Many do, but some do not.
Students should check with the faculty advisor if they have questions about meeting times.
Please keep in mind that after-school activities require students to arrange their own transportation from school, if they do not qualify for a bus.  This year, we will work to incorporate Student Activities into the "opt-in" weeks during Patriot Block, our Advisory Period at RHS.  

What do I need to know if my student chooses to play a sport next year? Revere High School offers twenty-six varsity programs and an additional fifteen sub-varsity programs. Our programs are broken into three seasons, fall, winter and spring. If you wish to participate in any of our programs, here are some key criteria that you must meet:

  1. You must register for all sports on Final Forms –
  2. You must have a valid physical examination (within 13 months) on file with the high school nurse’s office and athletic trainer along with having it uploaded to Final Forms.
  3. You must attend a tryout where a coach will place you on a particular team.
  4. If you are trying out for a winter or spring sport, you must have passed at least 2/4 of your courses for the previous marking period.
Where can I find the Athletic Handbook? All student athletes and their caregivers should review the Athletic Handbook, located on the Athletic Department's website.
What is meant by "academic eligibility?"  In order to compete in a sport at Revere High School, students must be in good standing from the previous academic quarter. To maintain academic eligibility, student athletes must pass at least three classes (grade D- or higher) from the previous quarter. A student who only passed exactly two classes may participate in athletics if they commit to participating in an academic support plan, directed by their Assistant Principal. Students who fail three classes or more are unable to participate in athletics until the next report card shows improved performance. Academic eligibility takes effect the day students receive their report card.
How does school attendance impact Athletics? While athletics take place, for the most part, after school hours, it is still imperative that a student-athlete remember that their main priority is to be the best student they can possibly be. Student-athletes are seen as leaders in the school community and should act in a way that represents not only themselves, but also the team and school. Both student-athletes and their parents must be aware of the following rules:
  • Student-athletes must be in school by 10 AM to participate in practice or a game that day. If the game is held over the weekend, then that student must be in by 10AM on Friday morning. If a student is absent on Friday they will not be allowed to play over the weekend.
  • Student-athletes will not be allowed to participate in practice or a game that day if they/them is dismissed prior to 11:00 AM from school.
  • If a student is suspended from school for any reason, they/them will be ineligible to participate in sports from the end of school on the day the suspension is given until the day they/them returns to school from their suspension. This also includes In-House suspensions.
  • If a teacher or administrator issues a session to a student-athlete, serving that session takes precedence over any practice or game.
  • Students are excused for being late to practice if they have been receiving extra help from a teacher or are making up work. Each student should bring a note from the teacher to their coach.
  • No student-athlete will be required to attend practice on Sundays or religious holy days.

How can my child contact a coach if he or she has questions before tryouts? This list provides the community with the names of each coach. Please reach out to the Athletic Department for individual coach contact information.

How do I know where and when athletic competitions are held? The Athletic Department actively maintains this calendar, which is located on their website.

When does each athletic season begin? When are tryouts? Our fall sports tryouts begin in August. Football and golf begin on August 18th, and all other fall sports begin on August 21st. Fall cheerleading is an exception, and tryouts have already taken place in June. Tryouts for winter season will be announced in November, and tryouts for Spring Season will be announced in February.

How are student athletes recognized? Each team recognizes graduating seniors at their team's "senior night," which coaches will communicate to caregivers. Additionally, the Athletic Department hosts an Athletic Awards Ceremony at the end of the school year to honor our graduating seniors, celebrate accomplishments of each team and bring the RHS Student-Athlete Community together. This event will be announced in the Spring.


Can I text or call my child during school? Student phones are to be turned off during the
school day, except during lunch. If parents or guardians need to get a message to a student, they should call the student’s Grade Office.  
What safety and security measures are in place at RHS? The following safety measures are
in place each day at RHS:
  • IDs for all students, faculty, and staff.  Students must present their ID when entering the school.  A student who arrives without an ID will be given a replacement ID and a $3 fee will be added to their student account.  
  • All entry doors locked from start until end of day.  Students who open locked doors to let classmates into school will face disciplinary action.  
  • Entry to school monitored at front door by trained, full-time screener
  • Regular practice of lockdown drills
  • 30+ cameras monitoring high-volume areas of the school and campus
  • Full-time, uniformed, armed Revere Police Department School Resource Officer Joe Singer on site every day
  • 10 full-time Campus Supervisors to monitor common space, restroom access and movement through the building.  
Are students allowed to leave school during lunch or order delivery? No.  Students are only allowed to leave if they are dismissed by a caregiver or have an internship site.  Additionally, Uber Eats orders that arrive for students will be kept in the Main Office until the end of the day.  
How can I find out about serving on the RHS School Improvement Council? Caregivers interested in serving on School Improvement Council should contact the Principal’s administrative assistant, whose contact information can be found on the RHS website’s Administration page.  
Is there a PTO at Revere High School?  Revere High had a very active PTO prior to the pandemic related school closing.  This year, we are working with our Family Liaisons to bring this organization back!  If you are interested in helping with this, please e-mail our principal, Mr. Bowen!
How do school pictures work, and when do they happen? The school currently requires
students in Grades 9–11 to be photographed by Lifetouch. This happens during the school
day in June, in preparation for the next year's student IDs.   These images are used for the
school’s student database.  They are also available for purchase from Lifetouch; students receive a packet of information about this, so ask them to make sure they pass it along to you. A makeup day is offered for students who missed the original session or weren’t satisfied with their photos.
Senior photographs are taken by Jenn Cimino during the summer and early fall.  Informational packets are emailed to the rising seniors at the start of the summer.  Please direct questions to Jenn via e-mail: [email protected].